Act Three, or The Archives, is the third act in Castle Hammerwatch. Act Three features secret areas, bonus rooms, puzzles and a boss fight, as well as several unique enemies. It also features secret portals to bonus areas where you can collect large amounts of money.


Like the first two acts of Castle Hammerwatch, Act Three has three floors: Floor 7, Floor 8, and Floor 9. It uses Theme C in the Editor.


Act Three, like Act Two, introduces several new enemies to the player. Demon eyes and wisps are the most common, though there are also many liches that will teleport away from the player to avoid being killed. Although the flower towers return, the nova towers remain.


Main article: The Lich

The boss for The Archives is The Lich. It is a large, dark being with a staff that will duplicate itself. The player must attack the real Lich in order to defeat it.

Secret AreasEdit

  • SPECIAL NOTE: During Act Three, there are multiple instances where buttons and cracked walls are used simply to open up shortcuts between different areas of the map, or to reveal the main path. These are very easy to notice, and therefore will not be mentioned here.
  • Floor 7
    • Behind the first silver door, a button will open a passage to a chest located south of this area.
    • Below the first arrow trap, a button opens a small alcove with a few coins right above the room containing a Strange Plank, to the right of the floor entrance.
    • A fake wall can be seen above and to the left of the second save point.
    • Past the third save point, a button behind a Silver Door, next to a Vitality Shop, opens up the previously mentioned room containing a Strange Plank.
  • Floor 8
  • NOTE: An area at the top right corner of this floor, containing an arrow trap and a closed off room with a chest and items, can only be reached after beating Act Three's Bonus Area, which is accessed from the next floor. This will be adressed alongside the secrets on Floor 9.
    • A button above a Demon Eye Miniboss and to the left of a Flower Tower reveals the entrance to the Fire Trap room on the far right, containing an Offense Shop.
    • A button near the bottom of the map, behind a Silver Door, reveals the entrance to an area down south, containing arrow traps, enemies and a Strange Plank.
      • A button inside the fake wall above the Flower Tower opens a path to the room with the Strange Plank.
        • Within the room with the Strange Plank, the lower button reveals a floating path on the far left of this area. This path leads to a cracked bookshelf, containing a bomb puzzle. Solving it reveals a hidden room right above.
  • Floor 9
    • A button located southeast of the Vitality and Defense Shops, behind a copper door and next to a Flower Tower, opens a path to that same shop area.
    • A fake wall on the southeast corner of the shop area allows access to the Vendor Coin seen next to the Vitality Shop.
    • On the left side of the map, a long Copper Door reveals two secrets once opened:
      • On the right corner, a button opens a secret room just north of it;
      • On the left corner, a cracked wall reveals a "vault room" above it, similar to the ones seen in Act Two.
        • Within the vault room, a cracked wall opens a path to a room containing coins and a chest.
          • On the top left corner of this path, another cracked wall opens a path to a room to the left of the northwest Fire Trap area.
            • A button directly above the small spike trap reveals a path on the top left, allowing access to a button, which teleports a Vendor Coin above the Fire Traps.
    • A button next to a Wisp Spawner, within an area containing a Flower Tower and an arrow trap, reveals a path to an area down below, containing multiple enemies.
      • Directly to the right of this room, in an area containing a Demon Eye Miniboss, there are two buttons, which teleport both the Gold Key and the Golden Ankh to the room over. The Golden Ankh can then be accessed through a fake wall on the bottom right corner.
      • A button on the right-side exit of the east Fire Trap opens a large area down to the right, containing a Boss Room Activation Node.
    • Bonus Area
      • There are several steps to unlocking the Bonus Area on Act Three. First, the player must activate five buttons throughout Floor 9:
        1. To the left of the east Fire Trap area, next to a few Demon Eye Spawners and a Copper Key;
        2. Above the Fire Trap area, next to a Wisp Spawner;
        3. On the top left corner of the Fire Trap;
        4. Right next to the previous button, a cracked wall opens the room above, containing a Vendor Coin and another button;
        5. On the top left corner of the area containing the Boss Room Activation Node, next to a Copper Key.
        • Activating all five buttons will open a room to the right of the Fire Trap area, containing a "Simon Says" type puzzle. Completing it will reveal a path to the Bonus Area Portal, near the location of the 5th button.
      • Beating the Bonus Area will open up - and teleport you to - an area previously inaccessible on the northeast corner of the same floor, containing a couple of chests, a bomb puzzle, and a door back to Floor 8.
        • Completing the bomb puzzle creates a floating path to the Golden Ankh located above the Combo Shop.
        • Taking the door down to Floor 8 will land you at the beginning of the arrow trap on the northeast corner of this floor, where multiple things can now be accessed:
          • A Strange Plank can be obtained directly south of the entrance.
          • The button next to the door reveals a long corridor above the arrow trap, giving access to a room with a chest, a pickup item and a Golden Ankh.
            • At the beginning of the corridor, there is a cracked wall, which opens up a room containing the Third Easter Egg.


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