Archers are one of the mid- to end-game enemies encountered in the Campaign. They mostly accompany the skeletons when fighting the player.


Tier OneEdit

Normal ArchersEdit

  • Tier One archers are one of the weakest archers in the game. They are equipped with a bow, a green hood and blue shoulder guards.

Elite ArchersEdit

  • Tier One elite archers have the same health and damage as the Tier One normal archers. However, they shoot more arrows than the normal archers. They fire three on Easier, four on Normal and six on Hard. They can be seen equipped with a blue bow, red hood and green shoulder guards.

Tier TwoEdit

  • Tier Two archers are much stronger than their Tier One counterparts. They have a green hood, a brown bow, and yellow shoulder guards. Their skulls are hidden in the shadows of their hoods, perhaps not there at all.

Tier ThreeEdit

  • Tier Three archers wear a gold hood, red shoulder guards, and wield a silver bow. They have much more health than the Tier Two archers, but do less damage and have less range.


  • These archers can be summoned by The Knight. They are mostly identical with the Tier One normal archers, but have a much higher aggro range.


  • The Bonus archers are the weakest archers of the game and have very low health and their range is lowered. However, they cause the same amount of damage.
Type Health Damage Projectiles Range Speed Aggro Range
Tier One Normal 20 5 1 9 0.5 12
Elite 20 5 3 / 4 / 6 11 0.5 12
Tier Two 40 10 1 15 0.5 12
Tier Three 65 7 1 10 0.5 12
Summoned 20 5 1 9 0.5 30
Bonus 15 5 1 5 0.35 12

Archer SpawnersEdit

Tier One SpawnersEdit

Similar to the skeleton spawners, the Tier One Archer Spawner looks like a pit with Tier One normal archers inside. Once destroyed, the archers inside will be removed, leaving an empty pit behind. The Tier One spawner will spawn a Tier One normal archer once every 2 seconds if the player is in its 7 unit range. It has 120 health points.

Tier Two SpawnersEdit

Tier Two Spawners look almost identical to the Tier One spawners. The only difference is that the archers inside are Tier Two normal archers. If a player is within its range of 7 units, it spawns a Tier Two normal archer every 1.65 seconds. It has 100 health points.
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