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Bats In-game

Bats are one of the first enemies the player encounters in Castle Hammerwatch. They are very weak, dealing minimal damage to the players, and are easily killed by most attacks. While alone they do little damage, they can easily become deadly by trapping the player and attacking them with a swarm, leading to high health loss.


Tier OneEdit

  • Tier One bats are the weakest bat in the game. They have very low damage, health and speed. They can be identified by their white eyes.

Tier TwoEdit

  • Tier Two bats have red eyes. They move much faster than the normal bats and do more damage. However, they have the same amount of health as Tier One bats.

Tier ThreeEdit

  • Tier Three bats are the strongest bat in the game. They appear much later in the Campaign as they can only be summoned by the Lich Miniboss. They have significantly higher health and damage than the previous tiers, and can get even higher when the Bloodlust buff is applied by the Lich Miniboss. Without the Bloodlust buff, they are white in color with black eyes.
Type Health Damage Speed Aggro Range
Tier One 5 4 0.4 7
Tier Two 5 6 0.7 8
Tier Three 35 15 0.8 15

Bat SpawnerEdit

Bat spawners look like a treestump with a large, X-shaped crack. When it is destroyed, only a short, jagged stump is left. They will only spawn the Tier Two bats every second when the player is in its range of 15 units. It has 20 health points.
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