Demon Eyes In-game

Demon Eyes replace skeletons as the melee enemies of Act Three in Castle Hammerwatch. They look like large, unattached eyeballs and their AI is reminiscent of the Ticks. They simply seek out a player and attack with a powerful melee strike, which appears to be the eyeball opening up and "biting" the player.

Demon EyesEdit

Tier OneEdit

Small Demon EyesEdit

  • The small demon eye is the one of the 3 variants of the demon eyes. They have relatively low health and deal a small amount of damage to the player.

Normal Demon EyesEdit

  • The normal demon eyes are a larger version of the small demon eyes, with many bright red capillaries visible around the eyes. It deals a moderate amount of damage to the player, with higher health than the small demon eyes. They are slightly slower than their smaller counterparts.


  • As with the other minibosses, the Demon Eye Miniboss has extremely high health and damage compared to other enemies of its type, and can apply the Bloodlust buff to nearby monsters. It has the ability to either attack or summon four normal demon eyes. It looks like a green version of the elite demon eyes. It is faster than either of the Tier One demon eyes.
Type Health Damage Speed Aggro Range
Tier One Small 40 15 0.6 8
Normal 55 20 0.5 8
Miniboss 1400 60 0.75 10


Demon Eye Spawners look like a single large eye stuck into the ground. If the player is in their 7 unit range, they will spawn a demon eye every 2 seconds, with a 75% chance of it being a small demon eye and a 25% chance of it being a normal demon eye.They have 120 health points.