Links to an area to determine the end of a level. (This page can be used for LevelExits as well, the only differenve being LevelExits are triggered rather than linked to an area.

How to Use itEdit

To use level exits, you must edit the levels.xml. 

You levels.xml will look something like this (Names may differ, two extra level lines have been added)

<levels start="1">

<act name="Testing">

<level id="1" res="levels/test.xml" name="A Level" />

<level id="2" res="levels/testb.xml" name="B Level" />

<level id="3" res="levels/testc.xml" name="C Level" />



- This is in a folder setup as follows:

Main Folder


This is where you will do most of you work with levels, and here is a breakdown of the xml.

<levels start="1"> - This is the starting level. The game will start at this level, at the "Start id 0" LevelStart script. (More on this later)

<act name="Testing"> - Main title of the level, can be seen in the tab screen.

<level id="1" res="levels/test.xml" name="A Level" /> - The main info line for each individual level. "level id" refers to which level the game references, which is used in changing levels. "res" is what level(.xml) is being referenced in the "levels" folder. "Name" refers to the subtitle in the tab screen, this appears below the "act name."

<level id="2" res="levels/testb.xml" name="B Level" /> - id and such for another level.

<level id="3" res="levels/testc.xml" name="C Level" /> - A third line, for a third level.


</levels> - You can add new acts but inserting a new act line, followed by level lines, before the </levels>. (Remember a </act> at the end of the new lines) When you set this xml file up for each individual level you have in your "levels" folder, you can then use the "level id" value to switch levels. You do this by changing the "New Level" value in the LevelExitArea to the "level id" of the level you want to go to. The "Level Start" references the starting point of the level you are travelling to. You will show up on the LevelStart script with the same "Start id" value as the "Level Start" value in the LevelExitArea. [This page is still a WIP, refining the information as it comes.]

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