Hammerwatch has different Levels that the player can choose from.

Castle HammerwatchEdit

Castle hammerwatch
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Castle Hammerwatch is the first campaign and the longest level available. The player must travel through Hammerwatch Castle from the prison to the higher chambers to defeat a dragon that has taken residence.

Temple of the SunEdit

Temple of the sun
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Temple of the Sun is the second campaign to be introduced. The player must kill an evil sorcerer named Krilith in order to prevent him from releasing the twisted Sun Guardian Sha'Rand and breaking an ancient seal.


Survival level
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In Survival, the player must survive waves of increasingly difficult enemies and falling stalactites, and mine crystals in order to purchase upgrades long enough to fight and defeat the boss.

Hero DefenseEdit

Hero defense
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Hero Defense is a level where the player must defeat waves of increasingly difficult enemies to protect the "end" of the level. The player can purchase several methods to help keep the enemy wave at bay, such as fireball traps and a longer path for them to follow.

Beta SurvivalEdit


Just known as "Survival," Beta Survival was a level where the player had to survive waves of enemies. To start, the player would have to press a red button, causing enemies to spawn on brown tiles. After every wave, the player was provided with a mana orb, a steak, and three different vendors. It was available in Beta until the full release and is currently unavailable.

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