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Maggots In-game

Maggots are the first ranged enemy the player encounters in Castle Hammerwatch. They are universally ranged, with slow movement speed. They pause before firing a slow-moving spit projectile at the player which, if it makes contact, may induce poison. They are tougher than ticks by a fair margin, but only cause as much damage as bats.


Tier OneEdit

Small MaggotsEdit

  • Small maggots are the weakest maggot type. They are a very pale brown and shoot non-poisonous white projectiles.

Normal MaggotsEdit

  • Normal maggots are larger and yellow in color and have more health than small maggots. Not only do they do more damage than the small maggots,they also fire one projectile before moving again. Their green projectile poisons the players, dealing constant damage reducing their speed and damage for a few seconds.

Elite MaggotsEdit

  • Elite maggots are a darker yellow than normal maggots and have purple-red horns on their backs.. They fire multiple spreading poisonous projectiles at once before returning to moving. They fire two projectiles on Easier, three on Medium and five on Hard difficulty. Although their projectiles deal the same damage as the normal maggots, they have much more health.
Type Health Damage Projectiles Range Speed Aggro Range
Tier One Small 20 5 1 3 0.3 6
Normal 30 5 1 5 0.2 6
Elite 80 5

2 / 3 / 5

4 0.25 6

Maggot SpawnerEdit

Maggot Spawners are large, cream-colored maggots attached to the ground. Once destroyed, the internal green liquid of the maggot is shown. They will spawn small maggots or normal maggots every 2 seconds, both at a 50% chance. The spawner only spawns maggots when the player is in its range of 7 units. They have 75 health points.