Nova Towers are enemies that first appear in Act Two of the Campaign. They replace the flower tower as the stationary "hazard" enemy. They have a charge up time in which they looks normal, then a blue aura is released around it and soon after it shoots blue energy all around it, similar to The Queen. Not only do the projectiles deal damage if they make contact, but they inflict the Frost debuff, slowing the player.

Nova TowersEdit

Tier OneEdit

  • Tier One nova towers are large, gargoyle-like statues atop pedestals with blue energy inside. They fire fifty projectiles in a circle around them, which spread until they either make contact with something (e.g. a wall or a player) or the reach they end of their range.

Tier TwoEdit

  • Tier Two nova towers are blue-tinted versions of the Tier One nova towers. They have double the health of the Tier One novas and their damage has been increased.
Type Health Damage Projectiles Range
Tier One 300 25 50 25
Tier Two 600 35 50 25