There are many kinds of secrets scattered around the map in the campaigns of Hammerwatch. They can be activated by triggering certain objects, such as pushing a button, breaking a secret wall or entering a secret tunnel that isn't indicated on the map. These secrets often comes with treasures, such as coins or planks, while at other times they may only include monsters or traps.

Castle HammerwatchEdit

Guide by ActEdit

Secret Achievement RoomsEdit

Super secret

Achievement Room "The Heist"

  • "Harvesting": Act 1, Floor 3
  • "The Heist": Act 2, Floor 4
  • "The Grisly Combination": Act 2, Floor 6
  • "Earth & Void": Act 3, Floor 8
  • "Midway": Act 4, Floor 10
  • "Doomed Space Marine": Act 4, Floor 12


Main article: Presents

Presents are a very rare item that serve no purpose in the campaign other than to collect progress for an achievement in Steam.

Strange PlanksEdit

Main article: Strange Planks

Throughout the Castle Hammerwatch campaign, strange planks can be found in secret areas. They serve no purpose until the end of the campaign, when you will need all of them in order to properly complete the game.

Bonus LevelsEdit

Bonus levels can be unlocked by triggering multiple buttons. These levels contain a lot of bonus level monsters, as well as many coins.

Temple of the SunEdit

Guide from Disco & JX241

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