The Sorcerer is a damage-based ranged class with good crowd control. They start with similar health and mana to the wizard. Their main ability launches an ice shard that can bounce between enemies, and eventually they can slow non-boss enemies with their attacks. They gain exceedingly high mana regeneration and can increase their chance to only take half damage.

Appearance Edit

​Stats Edit


Sorcerer Health Defense Damage Mana (Regen) Speed
Starter 35 0 8 75 0.9
Upgrade 1 45 1 130 1.0
Upgrade 2 60 2 180
Upgrade 3 70
Upgrade 4
Upgrade 5

Skills Edit

Active Skills Edit

Ice Shard

  • The base attack of the Sorcerer. Bounces between targets in range. (cooldown ~ seconds)

Ice Shard Starting Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Damage 8 11 14
Bounces 3 4 5
Range 6 6.5 7


  • Drops a comet

The comet drops a fixed distance from the sorcerer in the targeted direction. This can be cast over walls allowing you take take out enemies from a position of safety.

Comet Starting Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Damage 50 80 Unknown

Ice Shard Nova

  • Shoots a Nova of Ice Shards in every direction

Passive Skills Edit


  • Causes the sorcerers attacks to slow enemies

Chill Starting Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Slow 20% Unknown Unknown

Frost Shield

  • Chance to halve the damage of incoming attacks and slow the attacker

Frost Shield Starting Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Chance 20% 40% Unknown
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