The Queen
The queen









  • Poison Nova

  • Summon Maggots

  • Summon Ticks

  • The Queen is the first boss that the player encounters in the Castle Hammerwatch campaign. She lies in the center of a large chamber made up of a partially grassy dirt floor with patches of slime. It is separated from the start of the floor by a 2x2 set of alternating spikes, with more on the top and bottom of the room. There is a switch on her left and right sides, which activate four panels that reveal pillars to defend the player from her poison nova.


    She appears to be a very large version of a maggot spawner with two eyes and a mouth. When she is preparing to attack, her eyes and mouth open and her body begins to leak poison liquid, which she then shoots around her in a nova.


    Poison NovaEdit

    • Poison Nova is The Queen's only ability that can directly damage the player. She fires 64 projectiles in a circle away from her in two waves. The projectiles can reach all but the corners of the room, deal 20 damage each and poison the player.

    Summon MaggotsEdit

    • Summons maggots in short range around The Queen.

    Summon TicksEdit

    • Starting with Phase Three, summons ticks in short range around The Queen.


    Phase OneEdit

    Her initial phase is relatively simple: she spawns multiple Tier One maggot enemies and shoots out an all-encompassing nova of poisonous green projectiles, each one dealing twenty health points of damage. To avoid the projectiles, the player must either press one of the two switches in the room and hide behind one of the pillars or exit the way they came and wait it out.

    Phase TwoEdit

    Her second phase isn't much more difficult than her first. She releases a switch that reveals two side rooms full of bats and a bat spawner, adding to the probably already chaotic mass of enemies in her chamber.

    Phase ThreeEdit

    Her third phase is where it begins to get difficult. The arrow traps all across the room activate, some of which fire arrows through the entrance hallway, making it risky to run back down to avoid the Queen's novas, as the player will almost always get hit by an arrow. She also begins to spawn Tier One normal ticks on either side of her.

    Phase FourEdit

    Her final phase opens the grey panels on the sides of the room, revealing permanently activated spikes. The strategy here does not differ greatly from the strategy of Phase Three.