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Ticks In-game

Ticks are, like bats, one of the first enemies that the player encounters in Castle Hammerwatch. Previously, both Tier One and Tier Two ticks appeared in version 1.0 of Castle Hammerwatch, but now, only Tier One ticks make an appearance. However, the files for Tier Two ticks can still be found within the game files and can be added to usermade levels with the editor.


Tier OneEdit

Small TicksEdit

  • The small ticks are one of the first enemies encountered on the journey, which are slightly more resilient than the bat. They do, however, deal much more damage than bats.

Normal TicksEdit

  • The normal ticks are larger and have blue shells. They are harder to kill and do more damage than small ticks, but are also slower. 

Elite TicksEdit

  • The elite ticks look like an armored version of the normal ticks and take even more hits to kill than them. Their damage is the same as that of the normal ticks.

Tier TwoEdit

Small TicksEdit

  • The small ticks of Tier Two is a golden version of the small ticks in Tier One and have red eyes. They are slower than Tier One small ticks, but have much higher health. They drop coins on death.

Normal TicksEdit

  • The normal ticks of Tier Two are a copper version of the normal ticks in Tier One with red eyes. They have higher health and damage than the Tier One normal ticks, yet have the same speed. They drop coins on death.


  • Tick Minibosses are a much larger version of the Tier One and Two ticks with a red shell. Nearby enemies of a Tick Miniboss will be granted a Bloodlust buff, which will cause the surrounding monsters to turn red and have a boost in damage and speed. A Tick Miniboss has much higher damage and health than other ticks.
Type Health Damage Speed Aggro Range
Tier One Small 11 5 0.6 5
Normal 20 15 0.35 5
Elite 70 15 0.3 6
Tier Two Small 50 15 0.4 8
Normal 70 20 0.35 7
Miniboss 750 25 0.4 10

Tick SpawnerEdit

Tick Spawners are piles of sand with holes for exits leading to underground nests. Once destroyed, they will turn into a pile of sand, as if it has been stomped on. They spawn Tier One normal ticks every 1.75 seconds when a player is in its range of 7 units. It has 100 health points.
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